Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday to ME!

Today's the big day...the 30th birthday no longer in my twenties, the aging process has begun. I've heard that this can be a rough birthday for some and as I sit here at 4am suffering from a case of prego insomnia I realize I feel ready to settle into 30. I feel content in who I am and where I am in life...30 doesn't seem like a death sentence of youth but instead the freedom to relax in who I've become. Sure there is still a ton of things I want to achieve and change about myself but I can honestly say in this moment I am happy with life.

I look forward to this year of change that lies ahead...settling into being a mother of two and looking forward to meeting my son. I don't want to miss this moment because I'm wishing I had done x, y and z before I hit thirty. I'm thankful for the friends that I have that are far and close that will celebrate this day with me...especially Holly, Suz, and Jenny to whom I wish we could magically live in the same town...thank you for keeping in touch and reminding me in subtle ways of who I am. To my sisters I would've never made it in Portland without you both.

These last coupe years I've felt a little lost in life not sure of what Mike & I were doing or if we had made the right choices but now as I see where we are I know this is exactly where we're suppose to be...God does have a plan for our lives! So as I look at my 30th birthday I'm not filled with dread, depression, or regret but instead contentment in where I am and anticipation for what is waiting for me in this year.


Soderin Family said...

Happy Birthday Emily! Have a wonderful day!

Rob, Kelly, Bennett, and Elodie said...

Happy Birthday, friend!

Such good words, Emily-especially for 4 a.m.! I totally relate to what you were saying about being unsure if you guys made the right choices, it has been rough for us (well, me mostly) also. I have had lots of second guesses regarding our decisions. I am glad to hear that you feel good about where your family is headed now, and that you see God's plan. I feel the same way...finally peaceful. I think it is hard at some point after you have left everything you knew and were comfortable with. At least that is what is was for me. Babble babble!...I would love to sit down and chat with you!

Congratulations on your baby boy!!! I have been wanting to write you a note to find out how far along you are and whether you knew what you were having. I know this is a LONG shot, but: maybe you would post a belly pic??

I hope you have a sweet birthday! Love, Kelly

Jenny Schlenker said...

Emily, I love you dearly. I love your heart, your passion, your love and faithfullness to your friends and your family. I pray that you continue to press deeper into Jesus this 30th year, that he would continue to meet you right where you are and that all of your questions would continue a deeping of your faith. I also pray that this year would be a source of life for you, that as you birth your second baby- much life would continue to come forth from your life, your marriage and you simply being you. I pray that Jesus would be richer and deeper to you than ever before.I love you and I am eternally greatful for your friendship. Love you, Jenny

Holls said...

man how do i top jenny. she got some good words. i guess dido doesn't cut it like it did in ghost. anyway, you know i luv ya. and i really echo jenny in praising you for your faithfulness and loyalty to your friends. you truly are a gem. i am so glad we are still able to talk daily. and boy do i wish we were in the city drinkin appletini's... but these darn kids. oh well... next year we'll celebrate suz and jenny's and pretend like we're still 30.
love ya sis.

Melanie said...

EmmyLu, that was so nice to read! I am so happy to hear how content you are. And it really WOULD be nice if you, me & Bitty all lived in the same town! Love you!

Linda Z said...

Happy Birthday, Emily! Hope you had a wonderful day! And congratulations on your new little one coming! How exciting! :)