Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday to ME!

Today's the big day...the 30th birthday no longer in my twenties, the aging process has begun. I've heard that this can be a rough birthday for some and as I sit here at 4am suffering from a case of prego insomnia I realize I feel ready to settle into 30. I feel content in who I am and where I am in life...30 doesn't seem like a death sentence of youth but instead the freedom to relax in who I've become. Sure there is still a ton of things I want to achieve and change about myself but I can honestly say in this moment I am happy with life.

I look forward to this year of change that lies ahead...settling into being a mother of two and looking forward to meeting my son. I don't want to miss this moment because I'm wishing I had done x, y and z before I hit thirty. I'm thankful for the friends that I have that are far and close that will celebrate this day with me...especially Holly, Suz, and Jenny to whom I wish we could magically live in the same town...thank you for keeping in touch and reminding me in subtle ways of who I am. To my sisters I would've never made it in Portland without you both.

These last coupe years I've felt a little lost in life not sure of what Mike & I were doing or if we had made the right choices but now as I see where we are I know this is exactly where we're suppose to be...God does have a plan for our lives! So as I look at my 30th birthday I'm not filled with dread, depression, or regret but instead contentment in where I am and anticipation for what is waiting for me in this year.